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About eight years ago I was walking my dog through my the woods, pondering how things had gotten so bad. My husband and I were on the verge of bankruptcy with two little girls to care for and we had just received an eviction notice. We didn’t have the money to put another roof over our heads and I was starting to feel desperate.

I was lost in thought, fixating on the big question, “What on earth am I going to do??” when I looked up and found myself face to face with a squirrel. Barely a foot away, the squirrel just sat on the tree branch, utterly motionless, staring directly at me. As I walked past, it stayed put, continuing to stare at me with intense focus.

I walked straight home and looked up the meaning of the squirrel animal spirit. Turns out, in the most simplified terms,  the squirrel tells you it’s all going to be okay.

Now, I’m fully aware that seeing a squirrel in Pacific Grove, California is a fairly common experience, but this squirrel’s timing was simply uncanny. It felt like I was meant to see it in that moment of doubt, fear, and uncertainty.

I could have chosen to attribute this moment to mere coincidence. Instead, I chose to recognize it as synchronicity or a message from the Universe telling me everything would work itself out.

I felt extreme relief and gratitude in that moment and over the next few years, it seemed that every time I felt stressed or hopeless, a squirrel would show up, out of the blue, and just stare at me.  I would immediately relax and rethink my worries, now knowing everything was going to be okay. This small synchronicity helped me shake off the shackles of fear, pull myself together, and find a new home for my family.

We’ve all experienced synchronicity

Whether you’ve acknowledged it as synchronicity or not, we’ve all experienced those moments: a loved one’s favorite song comes on while you’re thinking of them, the number 9 starts appearing everywhere you go, or you have an odd interaction with an animal that you can’t readily explain.

Synchronicity can help guide you through times of uncertainty and fear, if you listen. You have to open your consciousness to these moments so that you can understand what the universe is trying to tell you. You can even use synchronicity to help answer your sacred question.

Turning dreams into reality

I had a dream once that I had to leave a city but a great canyon was separating me from where I needed to go. There were four bridges and the future lived on the other side of these bridges. Like most dreams, it didn’t make complete sense, but I remember I had to blow up three of the bridges and rebuild them again to the future. This dream made a profound impact on me, but at the time, I wasn’t quite sure why.

Months later, when I was in the orientation meeting for my graduate school, I noticed that the school’s logo featured a bridge. The dream immediately came back to me and I thought, “Could that be one of the bridges in my dream?”

I chose to believe in that synchronicity and it opened a door to a graduate program that is now helping me build a bridge towards a brighter future. And now that I’ve completed the program, I wonder, where will my next bridge be?

Don’t be afraid to give weight and meaning to the synchronicity in your life. It often happens for a reason and you should feel special when you experience one of these moments. Learn to recognize synchronicity, be it a squirrel, a bridge, or any other sign that has meaning to you, and use it as a catalyst for action. Consider it as if the universe has chosen you specifically to be the one to step up and impact the world for the better.

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